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hair myths!!!

This month I will try to address a few of the most common hair myths. Firstly I will start with the most prevalent myth and the one that seems to distress a majority of my clients.

If you pull out 1 grey hair, 3 will grow in its place!!

This is false and rest assured that each hair grows through a tube known as the hair follicle one hair from each follicle.If you pull it out it will simply grow again although tugging hair can distress and irritate your scalp so it’s not advisable. Its best to use a hair dye or colour corrector to eliminate them.

If you get your hair trimmed it will grow quicker.

This is not true, your hair will look healthier and it promotes your hair getting regular trims but it won’t make it grow faster at the root. Keeping it healthy will make it look longer.

Washing your hair every day is good.

Wrong, washing everyday will increase your secretion of natural oils and sebum and stimulate glands that may make your hair look greasy. It is recommended that you wash every 2-3 days or only when it feels dirty, heavy or greasy.

You must change your shampoo from time to time as it stops working.

This is simply not true, if you find a product that works there is no need to change it, you may just have felt the immediate change in your hair when first using it but that doesn’t mean that It’s not still working for you and your hair. In rare cases changes in performance can be due to a change in ingredients made by the manufacturers.

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I am now knee deep in wedding season and would like to wish all the best to my brides this week. I have a few wedding tips and trends to share this week based on my recent wedding hair experiences.

Jewelry is becoming much more popular and I am increasingly pinning in necklaces (as something old or borrowed) and broaches. This weekend I worked with some fabulous headlaces designed to sit at the temples, they were very Kim Kardashian and looked beautiful and very original.

Also my top tip for hair accessories is to try your local haberdashery store to find buttons that can be easily looped onto grips and popped into wedding hair. They will have a selection and they are much cheaper than other shops that sell wedding hair accessories!!

I hope this gives prospective brides some inspiration. Happy wedding planning!!!

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mens hair!!

July Hair article


This month Ashley Taylor senior stylist at Greg Malloy Hairdressing addresses the issue of men’s hair styling.

I have been chastised by our male clientele for constantly offering advice on female hair styling and product choice so this month it’s all about the boys!!


The summer trend is currently for much shorter hair. Even those who favoured long hair styles are opting for shorter and more textured hair which is now seen as smart and elegant whereas once upon a time this would have been viewed as rough and uncultured.

Partings and sleek tailored styles are in but coupled with very short sides and backs. Many men are still opting for a real disconnection between the sides and the top with the sides in total contrast to the top length. Quiffs are still featuring heavily although more texture and sometimes curled quiffs are more the fashion for summer. To achieve this softer looking quiff possibly with a soft side parting the best hair texture is medium and you need to have your hair cut to approximately half an inch on the sides and back leaving at least four inches in length on the top. The products to be used are softer pastes or leave in conditioners. The hair needs to feel slightly floppy but with a little hold. Gels and waxes are quite often too strong for this look.

For men who worry about the thickness of their hair there are a few steadfast rules to promoting volume and thickness. Try to keep hair short and textured as this creates the illusion of more hair. If your hair gets too long on top it will flop and look flat and sparce. Shorter on the sides will make it appear fuller on the top. Avoid heavy hair products (pomades, gels) and any other wet look products as they will make hair look flat and greasy. Try mousses which give volume or matte products to create texture. Keep your hair frequently washed and make sure to stimulate your scalp when washing as this promotes hair growth.


July Hair article