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new year, new you!

Happy New Year to all our clients. I usually begin the year with an overview of what the many fashionistas in the hair world are predicting for hair trends in 2018. However I have decided to concentrate on what the demand of our clients has been so far this year!

Now this may differ greatly from the world of Vogue and Tatler but is probably, for most of us, a far more realistic notion of what we will see on the high streets in northern Britain and not what is on the catwalks of Paris and Milan. I don’t know about anyone else but quite often I look at these images and shows and think “who really wears their hair like that?!”

I do anticipate a move towards shorter ladies styles this year. This is compounded by the many clients already climbing into the stylists chairs at Greg Malloy Hairdressing and proclaiming to want “it all off, very short and out of my way!!!” This is quite unusual during the colder months. Quite expectedly the fades/ ombre looks are still popular and although the pastel colours are still prevalent customers are tending to be a little bolder so baby pink is becoming dusky or dirty pink!! This is a positive move as the more intense pastels are much easier to achieve and often to maintain.

In complete contrast to the ladies, the men are opting for leaving it a little longer. Dishevelled curtains topped with facial hair seem to be popular and almost a greasy look is the order of the day. Of course only for those who have the patience and perseverance to bother growing it!

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Christmas Appointments!

We have an extremely busy but atmospheric salon this week!!.

We do however have some availability left between now and Christmas so please call to enquire and grab yourself one of the few remaining appointments!

01768 892200

We wish all our clients a wonderful Christmas and look forward to seeing you all soon!!

Greg xx

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childs hair!


Your advice this week comes from senior hairstylist Ashley Taylor from Greg Malloy Hairdressing Penrith.

Your child has smiled, laughed and eaten their way few the first stages of its wonderful life and now for another milestone…..the first haircut!!! This is a very daunting time for both child and parent. Up until now you have educated your wee one that strangers are to be avoided or at the very least treated with suspicion and that sharp objects such as scissors are a no go as they will hurt you. So It’s no surprise to learn that your child will probably be horrified at strangers wielding scissors coming towards them!!

The best way to have a positive first haircut is to play hairdressers at home. Get your child to enjoy hair brushing etc. spray water on their head and speak excitedly about hairstyles. You could also let them observe you getting your hair cut. Try not to use the word “cut” it sounds painful. Try telling them it’s a trim or a style. Always avoid attending a salon with a child that is starving or tired and if you can download a game or video onto a smart device it is a good tool to distract your child.

You could pop past the salon before the first trim and allow your child to pop in and say hello to avoid the salon feeling too alien on the first appointment. Try to brush the childs hair so it is free from knots as if the stylist hurts your child getting knots out it doesn’t bode well for the child allowing a trim to take place!!

It might be advisable to contact the salon to check how child friendly they are and enquire which stylists are most suitable. Some hairdressers I have worked alongside in the past dislike childs hairdressing so they will not be as patient as may be required! Some parents also find that they feel very uncomfortable taking a child in a busy salon full of clients if there is a risk the child will become distressed.

Above all never let the stylist begin a haircut on an already distressed child. Also do not restrain the child. You will terrify them and the psychological impact of having been restrained or heavy handled in a salon will mean that they will continue to fear any service on their hair.

At Greg Malloy Hairdressing  we will put those first locks in a container with the date and a record of the haircut for you to keep. We also offer a free first haircut to regular clients children and other salons may have similar offers so it’s worth asking!!

Good luck and if at all in doubt do what many parents do…..send the child with their Grandparents for their first haircut!!!

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Cut and Blowdry is from £28.50 and will never be more than £31.

ALL SENIOR STYLISTS ARE THE SAME PRICE!!     (including directors cuts)

L’Oreal Colours – full head colours from      £57.00          (including cut and blowdry)

full head Highlights from                                   £63.50    (including cut and blowdry)

Get booking to secure your stylish summer look.

01768 892200

See you soon!!


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curly hair!

For those of you who like me have trouble controlling curls my tip is to consider using products designed for straightening or smoothing hair. I find that these products will control frizz and define curls better than some of the curly hair products!!!

A classic example of this is liss control cream by L’Oreal. I use this for corkscrew, smooth curls and it leaves my hair frizz free. Of course this will only work on hair that is naturally very curly and is not for someone with wavy hair.Try it out and see what you think.

Thanks Ashley x